Long occupying an important space within the American cultural psyche, motels rose to prominence in the 1950’s and 1960’s following a boom in auto travel. After a decline in motor lodging demand during the 1980’s, a new guard of 21st century moteliers are putting classic motor courts back on the nation’s roadmap for a new generation of travellers wishing to revisit the heydey of roadside Americana. Well-preserved Googie architecture and authentic mid-century furniture harkens back to Atomic Age design, while audaciously embellished themed suites weave…Continue Reading “The Best Retro Motels in California”

Although I have always operated under the assumption that people deliberately avoid creepy, potentially haunted spaces, finding out that the world’s most extreme haunted house has as 24,000 person waiting list has caused me to reconsider this notion. So, for those of you seeking a similar, more mysterious thrill, or for those of you that are simply morbidly curious about the subject, this post dives in to some of the more troubling haunted motel horror stories that have made the rounds on the darker side…Continue Reading “Looking Into the Internet’s Creepiest Haunted Motel Horror Stories”

Whenever I ask newlyweds about their dream honeymoon, they all seem to give me the same answer. Places like the Loop Inn Motel don’t usually come to mind. Instead, tropical destinations like Aruba or Mexico and romantic European cities like Rome or Nice rank high on their list of options. But what if you’ve blown your budget on the wedding and can’t afford a flight or hotel stay? What if cliché tourist hubs are not really your vibe? What if you just moved to America…Continue Reading “How To Live Your Honeymoon Paradise Motel-Style: Cheap Last Minute Weekend Getaways for Couples on a Budget”

It would seem as though we are in something of a golden-age for decidedly kitschy, throwback motels, much to the benefit of lodgings which have virtually maintained the same decor since they were first erected. However, a few of these nostalgia-inducing motels did not survive the transition between past and present, and were regrettably demolished. This post will take a wistful look back at 3 demolished motels from popular US vacation destinations, Las Vegas, Wildwood, and Atlanta, that will sadly never get the chance to…Continue Reading “Check-Out Time: Demolished Motels From Las Vegas, Wildwood & Beyond”

Against all odds, motels have been making a comeback. The new boutique motel trend has been pumping new relevance into old beauties, with fresh renovations and smart interior design updates offering on-point visual interest, and added bougie flairs like artisanal coffee shops, swankly decorated “it” bars, and restaurants offering elevated contemporary cuisine to round out the millennial-friendly urbane lifestyle package. Attracting a young experience-seeking crowd, as well as a generally more well-heeled clientele, these joints have left the “no-tell” era behind to become the sort…Continue Reading “Boutique Motel Trend: The Classics Are Trending”

You’re tired, you drove far and it’s late. In your room, a realization dawns. You forgot to pack toothpaste in your travel kit. Is there motel toothpaste? The complimentary soap, shampoo, conditioner, you see them. But something’s missing. At times like these, you may well ask yourself: Why the H is there no toothpaste in motels and hotels?     Toothpaste Is Not in Motels and Hotels Because It Is Not (Huh?) Aye, a true logic puzzle. Elite sources inside the hospitality industry suggest there…Continue Reading “Why Is There No Toothpaste In Motels?”

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but America is currently living in a golden age of one-of-a-kind motels. This cool travel trend is no more apparent than in America’s Pacific Northwest region. Already rich in natural beauty, the unique motels of the Pacific Northwest are perfect for those who prefer unusual accommodations that are far from the beaten path. Sleep in a vintage trailer in Washington, gaze at the ocean from a lighthouse on the Oregon Coast, and even take up residence in the muzzle of…Continue Reading “Getting Away From It All: The Unique Motels of The Pacific Northwest”

Seedy motels. We love them in fiction. In real life, they’re best avoided. If you love motels but don’t love seediness, this is the guide for you. We give some quick tips on how to find character and a great experience instead of strange and sketchy going-ons, cockroaches, bed bugs, or worse. What is it that makes a seedy motel seedy? Even before the decline of motels in the 70s and their descent into ever more negative associations with drugs, prostitution, poverty and overall antisocial…Continue Reading “What is a Seedy Motel and How to Avoid One”