Every once in a while, a star suffers an untimely death at the hands of tragedy. Only a handful of these celebrities and artists become cult heroes, who – since their star burns out long before ever fading away – are remembered just as they were in their heyday. But what about the sacred places where these legends came to their sudden end? Sometimes the loss is so agonizing and heartbreaking that their devoted followers build shrines at these sanctified dwellings to honour the memory…Continue Reading “Cult Hero Hotel Shrines”

The Main Street of America, as it has come to be known, is arguably the world’s most famous route, which is exactly why I’ve decided to focus this post around Motel Signspotting on Route 66. With no shortage of visual splendor –old-fashioned service stations and iconic water towers, all-American diners straight out of the 50’s and charming small-town cafes, big blue skies blanketing rolling hills and deserts, famous rivers and landmark bridges  – one of the most iconic sights on this historic route remains the colorful…Continue Reading “Motel Signspotting On Route 66”

Motel keychain

When check-out time comes along after a stay at a retro motel that has preserved its original accoutrements (like this great vintage Washington motel), I’m always a bit reluctant to give my room key back to the front desk clerk. This is not only because I’d like to prolong my stay but also because I have a penchant for the old-school motel keychain. After a quick browse through kitsch-friendly online marketplaces such as Etsy, I soon realized I am not alone in my appreciation for…Continue Reading “The Motel Keychain: Take Home A Piece of Retro Motel Kitsch”

Themed motel

From Creepy Clowns to Twin Peaks: A Quick Guide to Unique Themed Motels in the USA  Have you ever dreamed of sleeping inside a pie? Have you been desperately seeking an experience that could help you relate to our Neanderthal roots? Well, fortunately for you options are abound in my selection of America’s best themed motels. Sure, motels are great for their privacy, convenience, and charm. But I think we can all agree that what is most enticing about roadside lodging is the possibility of…Continue Reading “Themed Motels to Get Weird In”

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but America is currently living in a golden age of one-of-a-kind motels. This cool travel trend is no more apparent than in America’s Pacific Northwest region. Already rich in natural beauty, the unique motels of the Pacific Northwest are perfect for those who prefer unusual accommodations that are far from the beaten path. Sleep in a vintage trailer in Washington, gaze at the ocean from a lighthouse on the Oregon Coast, and even take up residence in the muzzle of…Continue Reading “Getting Away From It All: The Unique Motels of The Pacific Northwest”

Caves. Naturally-formed hollows extending deep into cliffs and underground, the mysteries they contain have fascinated humankind for millennia. Thousands seek to unearth their dark secrets…while others build a cavern hotel into them! Either from the sheer fun of novelty, or from a universally-felt desire to normalize the vast unknown, enterprising individuals have decked out ancient caves with all the perks you’d expect from a luxury resort. Hubristic? Maybe. But whatever helps them sleep well at night. And the guests at these cavern hotels, plunged into antediluvian…Continue Reading “The Best Cavern Hotels: From The Grand Canyon to New Mexico, Italy, and Beyond”

The late 1940s and 1950s saw the rise of Tiki Modern, a wacky architecture style inspired by Polynesian culture. Tiki motels and cocktail bars spread like wildfire. Then they vanished. Where did this bizarre trend come from and why did it die? Read on to find a truth stranger than fiction. The Rise of Tiki Modern: Los Angeles Motels and Bars Set the Trend The whole Tiki Modern trend was really kicked off by Don the Beachcomber (born Ernest Gantt), a free-wheeling entrepreneur influenced by…Continue Reading “Tiki Modern Style Motels in Los Angeles and Beyond”